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4/24/2012 2:40:18 PM - Steve Pulcinella
More stories from the hood.

Here is just a little story about a bit a street justice that happened to me today. It will also give you an example of what a ghetto my town is becoming. I was driving in on my way to the gym this morning. I drive an old beat ass Dodge pick-up truck because it gets amazing miles per gallon . . . ok, that’s not true, it was the only thing my broke ass could afford. I was stopped at a red light and right next to me some fucking hobo is walking down the street carrying what clearly looks like a glass with a mixed cocktail in it. He looks at me and says, “A Dodge? Ya shoulda bought a Ford!” I just responded, “Ok Boxcar Willie, I’ll keep that in mind next time I find myself car shopping”. He’s lucky that I was in a good mood because I usually don’t let people disrespect my whip like that.

Cut to two hours later, a busted up, hunk of crap, old Ford minivan is being pushed into my parking lot off of the street by a couple guys. Great, another broken down car that will sit in my lot for a week. The door opens and out comes the anti-Dodge, morning cocktail drinking, shitbag dude that insulted my truck! I walked out there and said, “Yo Willie, How’s that Ford working out for ya? Oh by the way, you have exactly one hour to get that pile of crap off my property!” He just mumbled some shit about Obama, like it was all his fault.

But still he’s luckier than the drunk in this newspaper photo from our Daily Paper who walked out of a bar two doors down from the gym and fell twenty feet into this drainage crevice in broad daylight two days ago that turned into this massive rescue effort. You can see Iron Sport Gym in the background. Yay Glenolden!

Anyway, onto today’s training:
Power snatches:

Snatch grip RDL’s: 5x5

Leg press with heavy band tension: we did a few sets heavy, then dropped down and repped two sets out.

GH Raises: 3x15

Standing abs: 4x8


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