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4/24/2012 9:25:50 PM -
Back Day - Pulls off Pins vs Blocks

One Arm Barbell Row with elitefts Meadows Row Handle and elitefts dual core blaster.
* 4 warm up sets of 10
* worked up to top set 135 for 3 sets of 8

Chest Supported Rows
* 3 war up sets
* 3 work sets of 8 reps

Pullover Machine
* 1 warm up set
* 3 work sets of 12

Fat Bar DD Cable Attachment
* 2 warm up sets
* 3 work sets of 12

Deadlifts off Multi Purpose Jump Box
** One 4 inch and one 2 inch box
** Using chains
* Warmed up to 315 for sets of 5 and added 1 chain per side for 5 reps. Once I hit 8 chains per side did a max rep set.

Pins vs Boxes
My program called for pin pulls but considering I'm doing these for hypertrophy instead of pure strength I went with pulls off bloack instead. There is a BIG difference between pin pulls and pulls off blocks in how the bar and movement acts. For example:

1. When pulling off blocks the bar will flex exactly the same as if you are pulling off the floor. The first point of contact when pulling on the bar is the plate.

2. When pulling off pins the first point of contact is the pin you are pulling off of so there will be less flex in the bar, and the flex will not be the same as if pulling from the floor and the bar flex is extended to the plate instead of the pins.

3. Pulling off blocks makes it easier to get the bar where you want it to be when you pull. The bar rolls the same as if it was on the floor.

4. If pulling off pins you have to make sure you body is positioned correctly because the bar doesn't roll well on the pins (it slides). This usually means you need to step back off the bar some.

5. Pulling off blacks is also easier on your bar than being slammed against pins.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each based on what you are trying to build, your sticking point and what you have to work with. I have the option of both and the safer alternative for me is to pull off blocks and allow the bar to have a more natural flex when pulling - especially when pulling for reps.

If I was working with a lifter who was dealing with a specific sticking point I would rather have them work off pins to make it harder to pull through. If it is for hypertrophy, high reps or technical work I would have them pull off blocks.

The chains made this even better because it took much of the stress off the lower back but pounded my upper back at the top. This is exactly what I was looking for.

MAG Grip Trap Pulls with Low Row
* 3 sets 15

Rickshaw Shrugs
* 3 sets 15

elitefts™ 4" Cable Grenade Ball straight arm pull down.
* 3 sets 15

Dave Tate

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