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4/29/2012 9:18:53 AM -

10 minute warmup
-2 board bench pinkies on ring w/doubled monster mini bands 500/520/500/500x1 425x3
-Incline Taint presses 60 5x12
-Face pulls 70 3x15
-Benched bar x100

-Iced pecs/shoulders

This was a very productive training session. I like when I learn while I train. Normally I would have shut a ME exercise down once I knew I was at my strength limit. However, it was only my second work set. So instead of bagging it, I dropped the weight a little to make sure I got 3 lifts within the 90% range.

Now, I also learned a little about my form. I have been doing a head lift while benching in the shirt. So it tagged along in my raw bench. I was not thrilled with my pressing so I took that 4th set so I could see what I and the guys thought about pressing with my head back. We all agreed keeping my head down keeps me in much better form.

When I finished the last set of ME I was plagued with the thought of being done pressing. I had some more in me. I talked to Brian about a pressing supplemental exercise. For my ME night I really planned on doing lower intensity extensor work. After a little thought I decided to just take a drop set with 85% on the ME exercise. This gave me a little more heavy work for the evening I was looking for. I felt sufficiently worked after hitting it.

On to my supplemental. I did incline Tate presses. I planned on 4 sets. I took the 60's and hit the 4 sets pretty well. The old Vincent would have stopped there. However, Vincent 2.0 (whatever the heck that is) knew he should do another set. On my 5th set one of the dumbells rammed into my cheek. Nothing bad, but that was a good indicator that my body had been worked. I do have to say these really aggravate my right pec/shoulder. I want to keep them in because they are such a great extensor movement. I will try them flat next time around and see how that works.

Did my face pulls and really conentrated on the movement. I kept a neutral grip and really focused on pulling my hands past my head and then spead the straps I was using out.

Finished with 100 reps of the bar on the bench. Trying to force a little blood into the pecs/shoulder for recovery. I call it prehab work. I know some people don't like that word. If you are one of those people, I don't give a f%(k.

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