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5/1/2012 7:17:55 AM -
General Mistake #1

Once again, I've made all of these myself, so I'll issue the disclaimer that I'm not pointing fingers at anyone or being maliciously critical. With that said, here's General Mistake #1:

Adhering to dogma and inflicting it on our athletes, our clients, our training partners, and our friends.

Everyone makes this mistake. We try something with our own training, and it works, so we try it on our athletes, and it works with them, too. That's great, but what happens all too often is that we stop there and claim we've found the Holy Grail of training. I've done this a thousand times, and it's dead f-ing wrong.

As I've said, I went to a seminar this past weekend and heard Val Nasedkin (director of technology for OmegaWave) speak. What I came out of that presentation with is the fact that WE ALL DON'T KNOW JACK SHIT -- and I'm including shitloads of high level trainers here. I'm not saying that what Val does is the be all and end all of training, because I only have a rudimentary understanding (if that) of what he actually does with athletes. What I AM saying is that no matter how much you think you know, there's always a better way to do shit.

Now, I'm definitely not criticizing coaches and trainers for publicizing methods that get them results. The world needs that kind of material, and it's how people learn. What I AM criticizing, however, is the idea of publicizing that stuff and saying, "This is all you need."

Take a look at what Mark McLaughlin does at Performance Training Center in Oregon. I don't think he'd object to me saying he's one of Val Nasedkin's primary disciples. Mark does shit pretty much nobody else does -- at least in terms of what you see online -- but look at his results. Look what he did with Owen Marecic, who if I remember correctly has no thyroid, but became the first guy I can ever remember to start for a top 10 D-1 team at fullback and inside linebacker. Sure, a lot of that is due to the fact that he's a special athlete in multiple ways, but if you think he's doing that on genetics alone with no influence from some seriously intelligent training, you're an idiot.

Can you tell me how Mark did that? I can't tell you. I know bits and pieces of it, but if you asked me to put together the same type of program for one of my guys, I'd be engaging is some really shitty guesswork. I just don't know, but I know it's radically different from anything else I've ever seen, and if it was logistically feasible, I'd go out to Oregon and spend six months learning that shit.

My point? Don't stick with what you know. Don't make blanket statements like, "Football players shouldn't bench press." Because if you saw Kevin Boss jumping 900 times in a session, you wouldn't think that would do jack shit for a football player, either -- and the vast majority of guys I know wouldn't fully understand why that works (and I include myself in that population).

The information is out there -- but it's not. The secret is to keep after it.

Angry Coach

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