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5/1/2012 4:08:50 PM -
Monday Upper


Low cable rows to warmup back and shoulders. Light- i find this really helps my shoulders before pressing movements.

Bench press- up 405x1x2sets; 425x1; 455x1 with slingshot.
Seated DB OHP- 75x10, 90x10, 100x10, 100x8
lat pulldowns (tried behind neck)- stack x 12-15 reps for 4 sets
-superset with DB "Y" shrugs 4x15 reps (video below)

Shoulders really starting to feel healthy and no pain. Im no longer having to take ibprophen before every session. The problem is that now that they are getting loose, my flat bench feels a little funny. Im told its from using a new motor pattern and i have to be patient and let them strengthen in this new pattern. Its difficult because I feel so much stronger on all my reps but my one rep is actually down. So ill be trying to pyramid the singles every week and use the slingshot for some overload.

Taken from Mike Robertson article.

Sam Byrd

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