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5/1/2012 7:51:44 PM -
Squat / Pull With Videos

Squat / Pull 531

Today was reps prescribed only again. I’m starting to feel a little better leg wise and the post meet rust is shaking off each week. I’m in no shape to start banging out heavy rep sets but I’m closer then I was last week.

Warm up

Mobility set for entire body
Foam roll on back, hips and quads.
Lacrosse Ball on feet and delts
Stick on hams and lower legs
Theracain on upper and middle back.


135 for 5
225 for 5
315 for 5
400 for 5
450 for 3
505 for 1

Video of 450 for 3

505 for 1

On these sets my focus was on depth and execution. I’m contemplating getting rid of the up call for a while and going by feel. The weight felt heavy but better then the last two weeks. I hope after the deload week my legs are fresh and ready for some work.

Sumo Deadlift

225 for 2
315 for 2
425 for 5
505 for 3
550 for 1

My technique is not the best here but I enjoy the lift. Im hoping to get this lift up to help my conventional pull come meet day.

Video of 505*3

Video of 550*1

225 for 2
315 for 2
405 for 2
495 for 8

Video of 495*8

I felt pretty strong with this movement tonight. I was hoping to do 600 for a triple but we were short handed so we had to walk the bar out. I opted to stay at 495 for some reps. Boh tore his bicep walking a RDL out from the rack so I don’t like to go super heavy on those unless we can pull the pins out. You need three people for that and it was just me and John. I was happy with my top set though.

Yoke bar Arched back GMs

85 for 8
135 for 8
175 for 8

We did these super arched and with all hip rotation. The hams were burning at the bottom. Once the burn peaked we paused slightly then went up slow. These were awesome.


Great workout. I cant wait to ramp it up after the deload week.

Scott Yard

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