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5/2/2012 7:18:15 AM -
General Mistake #2

Going to seminars like the CVASPS this past weekend, and hanging out with guys like Landon, Mark, Joel, and Pegg makes me realize why I got into this shit in the first place. What makes the internet such an amazing tool is that we all have our own individual lives -- where, typically, we're not associating with people who have world class training knowledge on a daily basis. That's certainly the case with me, so when I go to events like this, or talk on the phone to one of these guys, it makes me remember how much I love training and learning.

With that said, I'm remembering a lot of shit I've forgotten (or repressed, maybe) over the years. The first thing I'm thinking about today is a quote from Buddy Morris where he said there's no such thing as "functional training," because all training is functional. What I gathered from that is that standing on a Bosu ball and whistling Dixie is totally functional if you're training for a contest where people stand on Bosu balls and whistle Dixie.

The mistake I'm thinking about today pertains to people ignoring the principle of dynamic correspondence. I remember this absolutely blowing me away when The Thinker told me about it (going back almost ten years now, I think). I remember I was all hot and heavy into the whole "strongman for football" shit, and he explained to me the idea of risk/reward and dynamic correspondence when I tried to explain to him why farmers walks and tire flipping were turning my linemen into animals (the same shit you're reading in articles guys are writing today).

I think what happens is that we find cool shit to do, and we forget about dynamic correspondence. Our kids love to flip tires. They love to carry heavy shit. They love to do the "next big thing," but most of this shit has nothing to do with the sport they're actually playing. Sure, there's "carry over," but I think the point all these Eastern Bloc guys are making is that there's always something that carries (transfers) even better.

Yes, this has all been said a thousand times, but I think it's something that slips off into the background when we're trying to be efficient, or we're trying to keep our athletes (or their parents) happy.

Once again, the main concept for this week, after hanging out with some of the best coaches in the world for a weekend, is that there's infinitely more to what we do than we realize. The secret, I think, is knowing what you don't know.

Angry Coach

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