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5/4/2012 2:39:52 PM -
5/4 Log Clean and Press

Body is absolutely smashed from Wednesday's session. Got treatment and ice bathed yesterday but I'm still dying today.

1) Log Clean and Press (Jerk)

Went up to my planned 335 and got...0
Dropped to 315 and did 2 (cleaned both), missed the 3rd press. My legs were wobbling as tried to steady for the press

2) Press from Rack

Did these as Press x3, Jerk x1 in each set

265 for 6 sets, missed last 2 reps on 6th set. 1 minute rests between sets

3) Chinups-5x5 + 5#, yea that's right 5 pounds, suck it. BW x7

4) Closegrip Bench-295x12, 11, 275x10

5) Handstand Pushups-Josh Bryant is a dick and thought it would be fun to throw these in. I've never tried one before and still haven't done one, because after getting into the handstand my triceps had nothing in them to press my big ass up.

6) Zottman Curls and Seated Incline Curls-2x10ish each

7) Hanging Leg Raises-3x10

This wasn't what I was hoping for my first Log session working towards the Europa but considering how sore I am from the other day, I'm not phased. I still think that I'll do over 400 at the end of June there.

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