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5/7/2012 12:42:58 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Monday benching

30 mins eliptical

Flat bench:
430x miss (my upper back is so wrecked from the last two days of training that it just collapsed on me at the bottom)
225 close grip x18

Incline flyes: 65's x5x15

Cable flyes: 5x15

close grip tricep push-ups: 5xfailure

The highlight of the training session was the two people that were benching with me, who I coach, both hitting beautiful PR's again.

The lowlight of the session was during my benching I see some dirt bag dude walk in from the bus stop out front and go right into our locker room. Since I assume he's going to start going through lockers I walk in there after him. I actually find him doing something much worse, he was getting ready to deposit a huge dump. I threatened him just as he was dropping his pants and gave him two options. Pull them up and leave the gym, or don't pull them up and I break the stall door down and throw him into the street pantless. He wisely chose option A.

I don't even like it when the paying members poop here, I sure as hell don't need to be cleaning up shit blasts from strung out looking dudes from the bus stop who wander on in.

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