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5/7/2012 6:26:02 PM -
Bench Day

Bench Day

531 Day reps prescribed only. The last week of this.

Warm up

Soft tissue work via rumble roller, lacrosse ball and stick. Focused on everything that cramps when I bench.


95 for 10
135 for 5
185 for 5
225 for 5
305 for 5
355 for 3
400 for 1

Close Grip Inclines

135 for 4
225 for 4
275 for 4
315 for 4

I tried these for the first time in a long while. My shoulders didn’t love these so I bagged them at 315. I really wish I could get into some overhead type lifts again but the risk over ways the reward.

1 arm d.b rows

150’s for 2 sets of 8. I for went without straps and was force to slow down and squeeze each rep.

Chins from chains with one hand attachments hanging from 2 chains.


These were weird but hit the lats. You had to go extra slow or the chains would slide on the pull up bar. Mike was doing them already and it was easier just to jump in.

Barbell tricep exts

4 sets of 8 with 135


This wasn’t the workout I had in mind but I went to Atlanta Friday and needed to consolidate two days. I got some work in so it was better then doing nothing. I deload next week then I’m ready to start a new meet cycle. I decided to do a raw meet with wraps again in Genes RPS. The meet will be 45 minutes from my house. I was hoping to do another USAPL meet in August as I want to take another shot at the 242 American record but I can’t find any that aren’t during the week of my wife’s delivery date. I can’t justify being 4 hours away with a baby so close to popping out. The meet is July 28th. I’m ready to get going. I plan to do a USAPL meet in december after this meet.

Scott Yard

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