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5/8/2012 9:26:41 AM -

Softball roll pecs/shoulders
Upper and lower warmup

DE bench 285 w/4 chains + doulbed mini bands using 3 different grips 9x3
Floor press close grip 315/365/365x5
One arm dubmell ohp 50 3x10
Med ball pushups 1x10 - abort
Band flies 2x50

Contrast shower

Dang speed was on the heavier side today. I gave a quick pause to each rep. I have been doing that on all my DE days. I think with the bands and chains the total weight equaled 285 + bands and chains I was pretty spent after that. When I did floor I made sure to pause each rep and slow the tempo. I wanted to make the weight feel heavy without getting too heavy. I have no spot and am outside of the rack so I have to be careful with exercise. With the ohp I just wanted it over. I was spent. Went to do some med ball pushups to finish, but they started to wreck my shoulders. Instead I just finished up with 100 reps of band flies. My chest was so pumped afterwards I couldn't even reach my hands to my armpits to get soap in there. Thank goodness for loofah's on a stick.

This was the second or third week of training four days in a row. Man I am happy when it's done. No I get three days of recovery.

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