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5/8/2012 1:33:01 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Tuesday training and more PR's

The PR's certainly didn't come from me I can tell you that. I'm still in very light pump mode with my lower body training. My knees feel a LOT better and i'm getting a little more spring back into my step instead of feeling constantly crippled.

Superset light leg extensions with leg presses: 20 reps/20 reps x 6 sets

Light front squats: 3x10, 3x15

A little bit heavier leg extensions: 3x15

GH raises with added band tension: 6x12

Standing abs: 4x10

Neck work: 8 sets

My two partners, Bob and Don, are still following my new and improved, super secret Iron Sport Strength template and hitting big 1RM PR's in the three powerlifts every four weeks! Bob is approaching a TWO HUNDRED POUND improvement in his raw squat in just a twelve month period. I have about a dozen people in the gym working on this same template and everyone has made immediate improvement on it so far.

Next on tap for tomorrow: I'll be picking up my youngest daughter and a truckload of her crap from her college. If you guys never hear from me again it's because of one of two reasons: I fell asleep at the wheel and slammed head-on into a tree thus dying on impact, or my drivers side wheel flew off as I'm doing 80mph on the PA Turnpike and my truck flipped end over end and I was maimed. That whole wheel assembly (I'm not sure what it's really called) has been making a banging noise and feels a little wobbly. You'd think that the thought of my wheel coming off as i'm driving would be enough to keep me awake but you'd be wrong. I really can't afford any heavy truck repairs right now so I'm kind of leaning towards the slamming headlong into the tree option at this point.

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