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5/8/2012 3:02:40 PM -
Yesterday's Training for my High School/College Football Group

Great training yesterday for my football boys. Here is an overview of yesterday's alactic capacity session...

1) Dynamic Warmup (Joint Mobility, Running Mechanics, etc)

2) Positional Start Sprints: 2-4 series of 5 sprints of 15-35 yds depending on position, 20 seconds b/t reps and 3 min b/t sets. The athletes start these sprints from the respective position's stance and will begin with a few yards of positional movement (zone footwork, backpedal, scrape, kick slide, etc) and then take off into their sprint.

3) Reactive Change of Direction Drills-Reacting to the visual cues of a coach or other athlete is a far superior way to train your change of direction abilities than traditional cone/ladder drills. There are no cones or ladders on the field to run around, you must react to what you see. These were also done for 4 series of 5 sets, the distances covered varied by position but the duration of each rep was 4-10 seconds, to stay within the proper energy system.

4) Jumps Up Hill-2 series of 5 sets of 2, 3 or 4 jumps depending on position. Jumping up hill reduces the forces of gravity on the joints during the landing but still gives you the benefits of reactive jumps for distance.

5a) Reverse Average/Green Band Press-Athletes did 4 sets of 4 reps, working up to a top weight. Yesterday 6 athletes (5 high schoolers and 1 college player) went to a top set of 405x4 or higher, with UDub bound Linebacker Blake Rodgers and OCC Linebacker Jordan McNaughton topping the group by both doing 425x4.

5b) Rebound Pushups-Athletes performed a complex with the reverse band press and a set of 2 rebound pushups between each work set.

6a) Squat-The group did 3 sets of 4 in the 65-85% range. Saddleback College lineman Alex Dole lead the group by doing 470x4. He was one of 10 players do go over 405 pounds for their top set. Shown below is University of Malone linebacker James Benedix doing a great set of 430x4

6b) Box Jumps-The group also performed a lower body complex, by doing 2 box jumps between each set of squats.

7a) Rows/Pullups-5 sets of 10-12 reps were performed between a variety of movements. Most athletes did Chinups, Chest Supported Rows, Weighted Blast Strap Rows or DB Rows. For the athlete, the type of accessory work done isn't necessarily important so I normally just let the guys choose which exercise they perform and will only prescribe sets/reps.

7b) Band Pullaparts-5 sets of 20 band pullaparts were done between each set of back work. BPAs are such a simple exercise that you can add in between sets of primary work. Nearly all young athletes will lack upper back strength and high volume work on these will bring that up quickly.

8) Medcine Ball Abs x500 total reps

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