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5/9/2012 5:24:03 AM -
Sunday and Tuesday

Didn't train at all while on vacation last week. Also ate when and whatever I wanted. Time to pull things back in line. I came back weighing 260 so a few changes will be made this week. These are very moderate because most of the gained weight should come off without effort. 3 - 20 minutes steady state cardio sessions will be added (before bed) and carb will be cut to 100/ per day - 2 days per week. Everything else will stay the same.



Decline Machine with Elitefts double mini bands:
*4 warm up sets of 8
*3 work sets of 8

Decline Dumbbell Press
* 3 warm up sets of 8
* 3 work sets 8-10 reps

Reverse Band Press with Elitefts strong bands (185 taken off bottom)
* 3-5 warm up sets of 5
* 5 work sets of 5 finishing with 455

Machine Press
* 3 warm up sets
* 3 work sets of 15 reps



Elitefts Fat Swiss Bar Pull Down
* 4 warm up sets
* 4 works sets of 12

Low Row with MAG close Grip
* 5 work sets of 8

* 4 sets to failure

Meadows Row
* 2 warm up sets
* 3 work sets of 8 reps

Back Raises
100 reps

Dave Tate

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