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5/11/2012 6:32:51 AM -

20 minute leisurely walk
3 minutes stretching

My body is feeling very good with the small exception of some residual shoulder irritation from last Friday's overhead rev shrugs. I kind of wanted to see how my body reacted to a little less recovery work. If the three days in a row rest is enough to foster the recovery I need, then I may not need to hammer recovery as much. It's kind of the reward for punishing myself for four days in a row of training. This is of course subject to change on a week to week basis. I am learning just because something is so one week it does not mean it will be the same the following week.

I have a number in my head for tonight's ME exercise. When I hit this it will be further proof to me that my previous block program provided an excellent foundation for success.

My weight is right at 283. This is exactly where I was last Friday. I pack in lots of cals through backloading Friday thru Monday which put me back up to 286. I followed that up with two days of low carbs (around 40 net grams). I load a little on Thursday evening to prepare for Friday's ME. Glad this has been working out. I hope to be around 280-281 by the end of May and then I'll just hold steady there.

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