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5/15/2012 7:51:36 PM -
Squat / Pull with videos

Squat / Pull Day

Soft tissue Warm up

Rumble Roller for back and quads
ELITEFTS roller for ITB’s
T Spine work on ELITEFTS roller
Stick for inner thigh and hams

Mobility Warm up

Push up plus, Lying leg raise on back, lying leg raise on side, trunk twist, Knee ups, Prison squat, and a few more I can’t remember.

All movements 1 set of 10.

Tonight was the first mini cycle with max reps. After 4 weeks of reps prescribed only I felt ready to get after it with some rep work. I started with 333 day and knew I was going have some tough sets in the 8-9 rep range. I haven’t done these in a long time and was excited to beat myself up.

Squat with neoprene sleeves and a belt.

135 for 5 2 sets
235 for 3
325 for 3
375 for 1
425 for 1
475 for 9

I was really happy with this set. I didn’t use an up call and attempted to bury these reps and for the most part I did. On video I felt like some reps were only about an inch deep but for the most part I was pleased.

475 for 9 video

Sumo deadlifts
135 for 5
225 for 3
315 for 3
405 for 1
455 for 1
520 for 8

Another set I was actually happy with. My hips were toast after this set. I need to get my ass down more but I felt better than last week so that’s good. I’m not sold on sumo by any means but I do feel it has worth as a deadlift builder for a conventional puller.

520 for 8 video

Pin pulls from above or RDL’s as the world calls them.

405 for 3
495 for 3
605 for 3

This was a tough third lift after the first two lifts. My low back was blasted after this and I was done.

605 for 3 video.

This was a great workout, one of my best ones since I started my weight cutting scheme back in July. I look forward to the next few weeks.

Scott Yard

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