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5/21/2012 3:59:31 PM -
5/20 Events

Went up to Odd's house today...

1) Log/Stone Press

These are presses from the rack with Odd's real wood log, but instead of having your hands on the handles, they are on the log themselves so balance is difficult. We do this to simulate pressing a stone onto a high platform.

100kg x3x3
110kg x2x2
120kg xLots of fails

I had the balance, my shoulders were just shot from Friday's log press work.

2) Yoke/Farmers Medley

The days I go here I stay light and just work on speed. I did the following

660 Yoke/275 per hand farmers x20m, 4 sets

3) Stones

Kept it light and tacky free. Odd told me that Arild Haugen (no relation) who is one of the world's best on stones, does the majority of his training with a 90kg (198#) stone.

265 stone to 72" platform 5x2

I try to do all my stones as 'hands free' meaning that I pop them to the top of the box with only hip extension, so there is a significant time where the stone is in the air. I do this because it teaches a forceful hip extension and impresses everybody.

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