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5/22/2012 1:39:15 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Leg day and another awesome breakthrough for the fitness industry!

I woke up this morning with my right shoulder all jacked up from benching yesterday. That was the last joint that wasn’t totally messed up so now I have no functioning connective tissue left until this heals. But, onward and upward.
Leg extensions: 4x25 light
Front squats (down to parallel box)
50kgs x 15
Heavier leg extension drop sets: 4 sets till failure
RDL’s standing on medium band 6x10
Cardio: 30 mins elliptical

I’m trying to mentally gear up for the Learn To Train Seminar this week. I haven’t actually written anything down yet but I have been thinking about it somewhat. I really started off putting a lot of pressure on myself about speaking to the group like I had to really come up with something that was going to be all things to all men, change the direction of everyone’s life, and be a huge breakthrough. Then I realized that was impossible . . . but I’m going to try anyway!

This new piece of “exercise” equipment is a prime example that YES, people truly are sitting around purposely trying to think of new, utterly useless, crap to sell to the fitness industry. I call this item the ‘Douche Pipe’, and I will personally give a wedgie using 100% of my high-pulling strength to the first person I ever see using one. It’s only a matter of time until somebody gets crossfit Douche Pipe certified and is the envy of everyone wearing high socks down at the 'box'. This is why I also never claim to be in the fitness industry. I usually just tell people that I'm in the big, yoked up bastard industry.

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