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5/22/2012 8:17:22 PM -
Tuesday upper

Tuesday Bench (another change instead of Wed Inclines)

bench press- 315x3; 405x3; 455x1; add slingshot 455x1; down set 405x1- tough so stopped
seated db ohp- 80x10; 95x3sets of 10/10/9; 80x12 with pause in bottom
seated row with wide neutral grip- about 6 sets of 12 reps, starting with half the stack and working up to full stack
superset pushups with med grip lat pulldowns- 3 rounds of 15 each

I feel like im in a really good position right now 16 weeks out from my next meet in Sept. All my lifts are still right around where i peaked out at in Jan for the RUM meet so im in a good spot to make some progress. Im also doing 30 minutes of cardio twice a day to get my weight back down some. I need to add in some more volume the next 4-6 weeks to build my base a little bigger before i transition into meet prep. Its so hard to get out of the "test" mentality and into the train mentality- meaning i keep going to the gym and test my strength to make sure i havent lost anything rather than busting my ass training it to make some gains. A lot of people succumb to this and I am often guilty as well. I do good on my non-core lift days, but i just wanna max on the squat/bench/DL days rather than put in the prescribed work. Gotta start taking my own advice...

Sam Byrd

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