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5/24/2012 6:44:10 AM -
Diet talk

Well my body weight crept up quickly on me. I hit my lunk alarm of 290. It's amazing how quickly I can pack on weight. I have been very consistent with my diet during the day with eating just protein and fats. It's in the evenings when I have been grazing more than I should.

Following backloading you can be more liberal in the evening after you train. I clearly have been too liberal. Part of it is eating out more than I should. You just can't control those calories. In addition on my non backloading nights I have been taking in more carbs than I should. I throw in some pretzels here and there. Maybe a pudding cup. These are not terrible snacks but they add up and defeat the purpose of backloading.

So I started thinking about making big changes in my diet or switching up programs completely. Then I thought "How about just following the diet you are on?" With that, I made a promise to not go off my diet for a week and see what happens.

The first day I was getting it back together and Ermal from the radio station brings in pizza. Rhodes and I have complained forever how we do the show for free and the least the guy could do is bring us a pizza. Sure enough he brings it on a day I promise to stay on my diet. After much taunting from Rhodes I still held out.

I will report back next week with my results.

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A promise is a promise,
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