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5/27/2012 2:09:19 PM -
Learn To Train Seminar Weekend

I'll get the training out of the way first.
Check out Saturday:
Warmed up

bar x 10
155 x 5
Reverse Bands
335 x 2
425 x 2
Franken-Jack suit on
515 x 2
605 x 2
Straps Up
695 x 2
745 x 2
785 x 2
835 x 2
*Suit is fucking money.

After this, the seminar was getting started fairly quickly, the Compound was getting packed from the attendees. So shut it down.

Sunday's training session:
Warmed up

Deadlifts W/80lbs Chain
*tested a new chain product for Dave (bad ass little tool)
135 + chains x 10
225 + chains x 5
315 + chains x 5
Jack SUMO suit on (sz 48)
405 + chains x 2
495 + chains x 2
545 + chains x 2
*Suit pops hard. Had the straps loose, about 2" above my shoulders and the suit was still nasty. Might turn out to be a great product.

bar x 30
95 x 20
135 x 8
185 x 5
225 x 4
275 x 2
315 x 1
King Bash Bencher on
405 x 2 @ 3 board
455 x 2 @ 2 board
495 x 2 @ 1 board
*I'm developing some tendonitis on my forearm so shut it down there.
The Seminar turned out to be a blast this go around. I missed John Meadows presentation which really pissed me off, I was really wanting to hear him talk about his ideas/philosophies. He showed up Sunday so I was extremely happy to meet him then and watch him train.. Seeing what him and Dave do is a hell of a lot nastier live than on paper, it's something else.

Besides John, I did have the opportunity to hear Chad Smith, CJ Murphy and Josh Bryant present. It was awesome, the information shared was very high level but understandable and helpful. This part of the seminar is always worth it's weight in gold.

After the presentations the LTTS becomes a hands on workshop. I took a crew with Josh and Mick and worked on the squat and deadlift. The coolest compliment we got was from a few of the sponsors letting us know that after we finished the sessions, everyone from our group looked identical in technique and form. Which is a huge representative of the groups willingness, response and efforts. The group was awesome, great individuals. Good spirit and attention but the best was watching a few PR.... that kicked ass.
On the other side of the equation is the opportunity to get together with the teammates and friends/wives/teammates that Dave provides us with. Meeting these guys, getting to know them and train with them is always just a blast. It's an incredible environment and an perfect platform to exchange knowledge/advice.

This go around, I spent a lot of time with a completely different group of people. I got the opportunity to hang out with the Ladewski's over ice cream friday night. This was a fun time, Julia was actually someone I followed on the logs consistently when I first got started in 06'. I also got to stare, sorry, I mean meet and hang out with Molly Galbraith. Super cool, experienced in the industry and driven. Saturday, Kirschen-CWS-Manley-Molly and I got tied up shooting the shit, that before we knew it, it was 2am.

something I thoroughly enjoy when around folks I am normally not in a gym with, is observing. I spent a good deal saturday watching Kirschen, Joey and the newb Marshall squat. Three completely different squatters with Kirschen looking like a robot-every set and rep looks identical almost flawless, Joey Smith just sucking in the information-looking ready for his first gear full meet and Marshall looking weird as hell with all kinds of colors and rings, and bandanas and tattoos and weird hair and gasoline jugs LOL.. Pretty cool shit. He actually had great squat technique, super wide stance but he consistently hit good depth and strong kid to boot.

On top of all that, I got to hang out with one of my best friends, Mick Manley, for a full weekend, doing what we love to do.

It's absolutely necessary to thank the elitefts team and group for setting it all up and giving everyone amazing hospitality.
I got to spent time with my buds Ted and Molly Edwards, meet big ass (Lil) stevie and get poked and scratched by Dave's little son. It's always a blast shooting the shit with ken as well, it's a good laugh and exchange of clever pokes.

To cap this off, each and every time I am always impressed more and more with Dave's generosity, direction and motivation. The seminar was all for the Make A Wish foundation. Just the thought of doing something like this is worth recognition. Tracy and Dave are just damn good people. Love being a part of their team and direction and I could not be more thankful for the opportunity.

Alright, flight's boarding. Next time, i promise to not be such a turd and douche by forgetting my camera. I need to collect memories at these things.....

When's the next one?,
Al Caslow

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