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5/29/2012 4:16:20 PM - Steve Pulcinella
My LTT Seminar weekend report

What do I say about this year’s LTT Seminar that hasn’t already been said? A great time full of great information, with great people, all to help a great cause. I started my journey by sweating it out on a couple of short commuter flights. I wasn’t sweating because I’m a complete vag and afraid to fly, I was sweating because I’m used to a much healthier dose of air conditioning than the airport can provide. Meanwhile I look all around me and about half the people are sitting there in sweaters and winter coats, I even some gay dude fashionably walking around with a scarf wrapped around his neck. It was during the flight that I actually started thinking about what I wanted to say the next day during the seminar. That’s when it hit me! That’s when I came up with the Triangle of Domination! My simple three pronged attack on how to dominate everyone in any situation. I was actually chuckling on the plane thinking to myself “Am I really going to present this?”

I rolled into London Ohio at around dinner time Thursday night and drove over to the EFS compound to see what was going on. Dave Tate and a few guys were in the middle of constructing the biggest beast of a power rack I ever saw! Truly impressive. It makes the collegiate rack I just got look like I bought it at a toy store. After discussing my next day’s speech with Dave where he gave me full permission to drop an unlimited amount of F-bombs I went out and grabbed some dinner.

On Friday morning we all made it down to the seminar location at 8:30. The only downside of the weekend was that it was freaking hot and humid and that warehouse gets HOT with a hundred people in it all day. Jeremy Frey started out the day talking about programming followed by John Meadows who laid out a great talk about nutrition that was actually simple to understand and very eye opening. Then it was the show stopper’s turn to speak. I had the general idea of a few topics I wanted to discuss along with the white board as my visual aid. I was the only one who didn’t have a fancy power point presentation, I’m a busy man, I don’t have time to sit around and learn power point. But I think I got my message across ok. I really had a lot of fun coaching all the different people that were there as well as listening to the coaching some of the other trainers were doing. I also picked up quite a bit of really helpful cues from some of the guys.

The sponsored lifters and coaches were taken out to dinner Friday night at this country style, all you can eat place. Dinner with the team is always nonstop eating and laughter. Andy Deck showed up with one of my ‘Do You Even Lift’ shirts with my face on it, which was pretty disturbing. My main goal at these dinners, other than stuffing my face with free food, is to make Dave Tate laugh until he stops breathing and begs me to stop. So after much fried chicken and pie was consumed and many stories were told it was time to get some sleep.

Saturday turned out to be even hotter still than Friday, Dave may have to change the name of this thing to the Sweat Your Ass off Seminar. You know it’s bad when you have raging swamp ass by 7:00am. I don’t know how the lifters made it through that long, hot day in the soupy humidity but they all did awesome and not one person complained about the heat . . . except me of course. At one point during the course of the day Murph and I got a chance to do a really funny interview with Steve Colescot, hopefully some of this funny stuff from the weekend will show up on YouTube soon.

It’s always a lot of fun meeting the other writers from EFS as well as some of the readers and my facebook peeps who attended. I finally had the chance to meet Harry Selkow, what an energetic little fellow he is, he’s the size and stature of a garden gnome and he NEVER wears shoes, even when standing in front of the urinal. Molly Galbraith, who is so freaking stunning that even after a long day of being in a sweaty warehouse still looked like a movie star. I also met Marshal ‘freakface’ Johnson, a face that can’t ignore. My brother from another mother CJ Murphy, one of those guys that I felt I knew my whole life. John ‘Mountain Dog’ Meadows, hell of a physique on that guy, great dude too. It’s really hard to argue with the things that the guys EFS brings together say because not only do they talk the talk, these guys surely walk the walk. When you attend these seminars you truly are learning from the best of the best. Plan on being at the next one!

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