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6/1/2012 11:28:53 AM -
My Fight Gone Bad.. Crossfit? WTF?

Ok, getting settled in the new now so gotta get back to posting consistently.

Last weeks training was... different.

Ive started doing crossfit. Yes, its true. Why? Because i want a change. I also want to transition into Strongman after this next round of PL competitions and my strength endurance blows. I want to be athletic again and i figure this is the best way to get there. So this is going to be all new for me and havent quite figured out how im going to incorporate into my Pl training. Ideally, i would do PL first and a WOD after, but cant to my PL at the crossfit and its on the other side of town.

So for now im going to try to do 2 strength days and 3-4 crossfit days a week. Not sure how ill set that up yet. Probably something like SQ/DL on Sunday, Off Mon, Bench/OHP Tues, crossfit wed-fri., and sat off. May have to throw in some additional OHP and DL work after the wods.

So for last week;

Kicked off crossfit in style- Fight Gone Bad. THE most brutal WOD designed.
3 rounds of as many reps as possible:
wall ball- 1minute
sumo high pulls-1 minute
box jumps- 1 minute
push press- 1 minute
rower- 1 minute

Im an idiot! I only made it half way through second round and thought i was going to die! I killed the wall ball and high pulls then just hit a wall. I started seeing white and couldnt feel my legs. I could barely jump up on the 20" box- i actually missed the first two attempts! Push press my legs were jello so i cheated and just did a strict press. Rower was sucky and thought my lungs were gonna explode. Round 2: skipped wall ball couldnt breath. High pulls fading fast- started seeing white. Box jumps was no go. Push press= strict pressing- lost my hearing. Rower sucky again and i was finished. Rolled in the floor for 10 minutes feeling like there was an elephant on my chest cause i couldnt breath and wishing i was dead!

For some reason i went back for more!

Next day, saturday, was "Murph" a nearly equally brutal day. named after a Iraq medal of honor recipient who took 12 shots and kept standing and firing back so his unit could get clear, then called in an airstike on himself and all the enemy combatants to save everyone. Thats hardcore. The workout reflected it.

For time:
1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 bodyweight squats
1/2 mile run to finish.

I scaled it back and did the Half murph
1/2 mile run
50 pullups
100 pushups
150 squats
1/4 mile run

dont remember my time but wasnt bad. finished off after that with 3x15 dips, 3x15 pushups

Tuesday bench
up to 405x1, 455x1, down set of 345 to failure- which was a lousy 6 reps. WTF?
seated db ohp 80x10, 95x3x10. old hex head dbs were bent and awkward.
dips 3x20
pullups 4x10
pushups 4x15

thursday squats +WOD
425x5sets of 10 sucked!
25 burpees
3 rounds of:150 jump rope (or 50 double unders)+15 ring dips
25 more burpees

time was 20:04ish. Best time was 7minutes!! The jump rope killed me cause i suck at it. I couldnt do double unders so had to do the full 150 regular jumps.

That is all for now. Maybe ill get a schedule of some sort figured out soon. 16 weeks from next meet- RAW 504 Sept 15th in New Orleans

Sam Byrd

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