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6/4/2012 3:08:17 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Monday training and yet another does of harsh reality

Since I have dropped a few pounds I feel a little better and my strength in almost everything feels the same except my bench press. It was going really good and it really took a nose dive when I lost 30lbs. Not that it’s a big deal to me, I just find that annoying. My deadlifts, however, feel way better. I was always a more comfortable deadlifter at 275lbs than I am when I’m much bigger.
Flat bench: was supposed to work up to a max single: 405 smushed me like a bitch but 385 went up nice.We then dropped the bar to 80% (310lbs) and did 2x5, 1x7

Flat dumbbell bench:

Cable flyes: 3x15

Superset: preacher machine curls/triceps pushdowns: 4x12/12

Superset: reverse barbell curls with tricep push-ups: 4x15/15

Hammer curls: 3x failure

I had an interesting question by a member of the gym this weekend. It was from a guy that has been a member for a while and I have seen a million times, he is one of those guys whose body hasn’t changed one single bit. He asks me: “Steve, is trying to bodybuild naturally even worth trying?”

The first thing I say to him is, “Are you referring to yourself and are you just asking me is it possible to build muscle without the use of drugs?” He answered yes. I then told him to brace himself for some really harsh reality. I think he thought that I was going to confirm his suspicions and rattle off my ultra high-tech drug program to him and tell him he was a chump for not being on board with the program. I did the exact opposite, I said, “Tell me something, have you even seen me and some of the better lifters here train?” He replied, “of course”. I then asked, “Do you think you train as hard as that, if not, then why?” He just kind of looked at me sadly and said, “I guess I don’t train quite THAT hard, I am always just worried about proper form.”

At that point I just finally dropped the bomb on him, “I have watched you train, you fall somewhere between, I can’t believe you can even feel that your last set just happened and you are better off staying home. In other words, you would have to actually train fifty percent harder just to reach the level of TOTAL PUSSY.” And trust me when you read this, I said this to him out of love and respect. The guy was floored but I assured him that drugs and trickery don’t build muscles, it all stems from busting your ass every time you walk into the gym. I also told him that it was time to look in the mirror and start being honest with himself. When you see big lifters grunting, groaning and sweating that isn’t all for show, that is the hard work that it actually takes to build muscle.

Hopefully, I at least made him think a little and changed his attitude.

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