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6/10/2012 8:57:54 PM -
Shoulder Work

I started the workout with soft tissue lacrosse ball work on the delts by rolling against the wall. I did about 30 seconds each side. Then I laid on the ball and worked on my scapulas. This was not fun. My right scapula has been tightening up lately and I can feel it when I breath deeply. Nothing fancy. I lay on the ball and move my arms around in circle. It hurts like hell but I already feel looser.

I then went to the indian clubs. I did these religously after I tore my bicep tendon at the shoulder tie in. I did about 10 swings in about 4 different directions. Good Stuff.

On to the weights......

D.B Front Raise

15's for 8
25's for 8
35's for 8
45's for 8
55's for 8
65's for 8

D.B Side Raise Super Strict

25s for 3 sets of 25

Super Slow Up Right Rows

3 sets to failure with 95 Lbs

Each set was in the 15-20 range


Not a long workout but after my beerathon last night I was glad to be done training. I had zero carbs all day heading into the workout. My PWO shake was delicious. On the no carb part of the day I just craze dextrose come the end of my workout.

I miss over head pressing...................,
Scott Yard

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