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6/11/2012 2:20:07 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Monday- chain bench and random stuff

Today I thought we would change our normal bench template up slightly and do something different with the chains. I decided on a fixed weight for each of us (275 for me, 205 for the Kid and 225 for Pop pop Bob) and once we reached that weight and did five reps we would add chains on every set and repped out what we could until we couldn’t continue.

Bar weight only
135 x 10
185 x 10
225 x 8
275 x 5
275 + 40 in chain x 8
275 + 60 in chain x 6
275 + 80 in chain x 5
275 + 100 in chain x 3
275 + 120 in chain x 3
275 + 140 in chain x 2
275 + 160 in chain x 1
275 (no chain) x 10 close grip
225 x 15 close grip

Incline dumbbell flyes: 50’s x failure (big stretch)

Rolling dumbbell extensions: 4 x failure

Triceps push-ups: 4 x failure

That chain work was a bitch, I really liked it though, I’m sitting here cramping up already.

I’m really scanning my brain to remember if anything funny has happened in the gym this weekend. This place is usually so absurd that the crazy stuff now seems mundane which makes this log harder to write than a suicide note. Lately all the strongmen at Iron Sport have all taken to making cement blocks. They have a contest coming up where there is a block press event and now I have cement blocks all over the gym. After this contest is over I could build a fucking three car garage out of cement blocks to house all the other leftover cement blocks that I didn't use to make the garage.

I just finished answering a couple questions for the Q&A section which I'm pretty sure make me sound like a dick, but I’m really not trying to be. I'm not really going out of my way trying NOT to be a dick either though. I guess I’m naturally pretty hard on people but I’m a much harder critic of myself than I am to anyone else so I kind of justify it that way. Plus I always try to adhere to something I read a long time ago that Arnold said, “I always try to come out on top and make myself look good, and if I can make somebody look bad in the process that’s even better.” I know what you are thinking, Steve is a pretty messed up dude. Out of all the poetic and inspirational quotes I have ever read in my life I would pick the biggest dick move of all time to base my life on.

So if I do ever truly offend anyone out there it’s probably because you are way too overly sensitive, don’t get my humor or you truly deserved it. That’s about as close to an apology as you’re going to get from me. It's for your own good.

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