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6/11/2012 4:49:04 PM -
15 week out training

15 weeks out from RAW 504 Clash for Cash (belt only)

Bench- 245x10x5sets
OHP seated db-- 80x10x4sets
low cable row-- 5or6 sets of 12 working heavier every set
pullups super set with pushups- 10/15 for 4 rounds


Squats- 420x5x7 sets in 21 minutes. Moving pretty good onthese but speed for reps and power out of hole still not where i want it. Still leary of that right hip in the bottom. Just gonna take the time to build up the confidence in it before i go heavier.

SLDL w wide grip and rounded back and double overhand-225x10x4 sets; 275x10x1set
sweating like a hmaster at a gay pride rally by this point. Im really deconditioned. Havent been able to train squats in along time and it shows. Ill gradually build of the volume through accessories over the next few weeks.

stretch and pvc roll.
Back to the books to get my learn on.

Standing strict BB ohp- 135x10x5sets (shoulder really beat up from squats, need more time after squats)
flat db bench- 90x10; 110x10x4sets
pullups super set with pushups- 10/15 by 5 rounds
circuit of skullcrushers/db chest fly/ db curls for 3 rounds 12 reps each

--Sunday DL

500x5x5sets dead stop conventional
leg press- tried Seath's 7's on leg press 4 sets, got em pretty swoled up so i could barely walk

40 minutes cardio and 30 min stretching

Weight still 242 but getting leaner. Slacked on cardio last week but getting back to it this week. 40-60 minutes first thing in the morning on empty stomach. Will do twice on non training days, just morning on training days.

Sam Byrd

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