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6/14/2012 12:23:15 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Thurs training and a disturbing story

I knew when I woke up today and could barely lift myself out of bed, training was going to be a struggle. I’m just so stiff and sore from Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays training. It's not like I need to train very heavy, I have much easier goals these days than strength world domination. As a matter of fact I now have one clear goal in mind . . . I now just train to be "Yummy". I just want women to look at me and say, "Damn, that guy is yummy". That's not asking too much is it? Look for an E-book coming soon: Lets Get Yummy, with Steve Pulcinella.

On to the fun stuff.

Stevey P combos: two high-pulls, one clean, one press:
75kgs, 95, 105, 115, 125x3 singles

Standing presses:
185lbs x10, 10 135x15, 13

Dumbbell side raises: 40’s x 15, 45’sx12, 50x10, 55x10, 65x8, 45x12

Seated alternate DB curls: 5 sets

Preacher curl machine: 5 drop sets

During the course of our workout one of my training partners, I’m not going to say which one, was telling us that not only was he beating off to internet porn the other day, but he was actually beating off to those annoying little pop up ads on the sides too! Now that might sound like a totally crude and classless conversation but it does show an impressively high testosterone level on his part! Kudos for that. I was dying, I haven’t laughed that hard since Chris Vaughn made that ‘parkour’ video last year. I weep for his family as well as his hard drive.

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