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6/18/2012 1:32:43 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Some shananigans and todays training

So add another heading to my growing job description list . . . SNAKE WRANGLER! I got a text this morning from one of my employees with a photo of a snake that was in the building under this sink that's in the janitor closet. The text said, “Hurry up and get here so you can catch this snake!”. When I arrived, two of my part time employees were here training and both of them are freaked out because they are deathly afraid of snakes and refused to catch it. One of these employees, by the way, is a guy who is about to leave to be a Maryland State Trooper. I’m thinking there won’t be many medals for bravery coming his way once he hits the streets. Well I’m not exactly from the everglades, nor do I attend one of those crazy, hillbilly churches where they run around with a hand full of serpents babbling about Jesus, but I do know a thing or two about snakes from watching the Crocodile Hunter. Steve Irwin would simply jump on it’s back, grab the head tightly, pick it up, quickly determine that it’s the deadliest snake in the universe, then milk all of its venom out for later use. Luckily for me it was just an 18” garter snake and I nabbed it before it could get away and kill all of my helpless, pussy employees. Tragedy averted once again.

I also received for my first (non gay) piece of fan mail from prison today. The letter was less than eloquently composed, liberally peppered with curses and a bit strange. He went on to say that he was in solitary confinement for the next 18 months and wanted me to send him a workout that he could perform only using a pillowcase full of paperback books, a toothbrush and a roll of single ply toilet paper. I have no idea how he expects to put on any quality muscle with a bag of books and eating grilled cheese sandwiches that he made with cheese doodles and a radiator. I also found it odd that a guy who was confined to ‘the hole’ in federal prison, with little to look forward to in his day except staring at the wall, probably nearly suicidal and desperate thought to himself, “I need to write that Steve Pulcinella a letter!” I knew that writing for EliteFTS would open doors for me but I never thought I would reach that level of Johnny Cash appeal.

Then Pop-Pop and I did this chest and triceps burn:

Low incline dumbbell benches:
50’s x 15
75 x 15
95 x 12
110 x 6
130 x 4
130 x 3
130 x 4
100 x 11
80 x 17

Smith machine incline to upper pecs:
4 x failure

Cable flyes:
4 x till scorched

Rolling dumbbell triceps extensions super setted with triceps push-ups
4 sets till failure

Triceps push-downs with rope:
4 sets till failure

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