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6/19/2012 6:53:02 AM -
Monday - DE bench with a different wrinkle

Extended warmup, including band work, stretching, and foam rolling
DE bench 315 + 4 chains 8x3 alt 3 grips
Floor press 410 3x5
Band assisted pullups 3x10

Iced shoulders 20 minutes x2

I was not looking forward to this session. Waving my speed work has become increasingly difficult. So much so that I have dropped training back down to 3 days a week. I had some great conversations in a pl thread over on WannaBeBig forums about my speed work and I also texted back and forth during the day with Brian Holloway, a training partner and very bright guy. We came up with extending the rest interval between sets so I could get the most out of this session. Instead of the usual 1 minute, I decided to go with 3 minutes. As a result. I really crushed the weight, but it beat me up bad.

Well boohoo for me, I still had my supplemental lift of close grip floor presses. Last time around I did 405 for 3x5 and I recall the last rep was a bit of a grinder. These are particularly nerve racking for me because I train alone and also because of my rack setup. I have to lift outside of the rack so there is no room for error. That said, of course I had to beat what I did last time around. So I threw 410 on the bar. The first two sets were both grinders. I wondered if the third set was really a good idea. I couldn't walk away so I just got myself mentally ready. I actually think I could have gotten 10 reps. It almost felt easy, but I was smart and racked it at 5. Pr's are pr's. No need to get greedy.

Finished up with pullups because I did away with my back and bicep day. I felt like dog crap afterwards. I iced two times and hit the rack early. Good times.

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