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6/24/2012 9:26:40 PM -
Friday ME Bench - Not my best performance

Warmup upper and lower including foam rolling
Floor press 495 3x1, 525x1
Dead bench 405/455/495x1
Swiss bar tri ext 145 3x15
Dbl hang cleans 25 2x15

Man I was not feeling it this session. In retrospect I think I know what I did wrong. During my warmup sets I really did not squeeze the bar and push it hard. I figured I'd save myself for a pr, last time around I hit 550. The problem was once the weight got heavier it was sending a shocking sensation through both arms.

As a result of my performance or lack there of during warmups, I figured I'd just go 90% for 3 singles. Each rep felt better than the last. So I decided to take a fourth with 525, that went great as well. I wanted to go again, but the crew told me to shut it down.

After floor presses it was on to Josh Bryant's Death Benches. Death Benches sounds more awful than Dead Benches and these are terrible. However, this week's was my best performance. The 495 went better than the 455.

Lesson learned, trreat the light weight like it's heavy. That is such an old rule. I guess sometimes I have to be reminded of things the hard way.

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