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6/25/2012 4:41:27 PM -
Monday - shoulders & calves

* 2 warm up sets
* 3 work sets 12 reps

* 1 warm up set
* 4 sets 8 reps

* 2 warm up sets
* 3 work sets 12 reps

* 4 sets 30 reps

* 4 sets 30 reps

One of my facebook rants...

I know I will catch hell for this one but I've seen enough pictures of people lifting warm up weight with quotes that say "liftin' heavy things", "going heavy" and the like. I think it's time to define WTF heavy really is. I know it's relative but a 135 deadlift is not heavy for anyone nor should it be tagged "heavy shit". Maybe if these people knew how light the weight is it might inspire them to lift more. BTW - I just jogged 5 yards - sprinted my ass off. I sure runners would see this the same way I are these beginners # as being "heavy"

This was followed with 57 comments with me leaving three others to follow up my statement.

For the record I haven't lifted anything I consider heavy since I retired from PL in 2005. Even then what I did lift I never bragged about it being "heavy shit" because many others made my weights look easy.

BTW - 95 pounds is a dumbbell - not a deadlift. Sorry, had to be said

I never said anything about 600 pounds. I also established the company on the concept to Live. Learn and Pass On NOT just to my customers but to all readers (our reader/ customer ratio is .005%). So VERY much of my time over the past 15 years has been helping people become stronger who I know for a fact will never do business with us. To say I haven't given them "credit" (I feel) is a false statement. Everyone associated with at elitefts bust their asses helping EVERYONE get stronger regardless of their level or dollar amount spent. I am sure that my own personal actions over these years support my last statement. As you said we inspire. Well, right now I am doing just that. Inspiring people to up their game. We all start somewhere my point - question is when does this become BEAST MODE, HARDCORE, HEAVY SHIT, HEAVY THINGS, etc? Yes, this is individual and a PR is a PR (and good) regardless of the weight but when I keep seeing 185 bumper plate deadlifts & 135 pound squats with tag lines of how heavy and hardcore it is doesn't comprehend with me. If this cost me customers, so be it, but I'm not going to sit back and lie or support how ridiculous this has become. Just the same as I will not lie with false & borderline scam marketing just to try and make a sales. I also agree this is by no MEANS everyone. I am very aware that what I see makes up a very small minority (known as the vocal minority) of people who TRAIN and by no means make or intend these statement to reflect everyone. I have seen pictures of 135 benches with tag lines of broke new PR today and to me THIS is AWESOME and to be celebrated. PROGRESS IS GREAT AND SHOULD BE CELEBRATED - CRAP IS CRAP AND AT SOME POINT SHOULD BE CALLED FOR THE SHIT IT IS. Pat - I do actually think we are on the same page here and can see how some of my statements can - and could be taken the wrong way - thus is facebook and the internet. Thank you for the post and bringing this to my attention.

Dave Tate

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