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6/28/2012 12:31:32 PM - Steve Pulcinella
The Brinsfield Shoulder Smolder

The origins of this shoulder workout came from a situation that occurred the other day at the gym. Just like at any other gym there is a lot of ball breaking that goes back and forth between the guys here at Iron Sport. Pop Pop Bob was busting a member named Rich Brinsfield’s balls the other day, accusing him of sandbagging and not really training hard enough that day. Brinsfield’s response was “I did something, I did sixteen sets of light shoulders”. Which of course we claimed never happened because none of us saw him do shit. So I came up with this workout today in honor of Rich Brinsfield’s apparent mystery workout of sixteen sets of light shoulders.

Military press: worked up to three heavy triples

The Brinsfield burn: superset behind the next presses for 10 reps with dumbbell side raises for 10 reps for 16 sets! The three of went around and around at a quick pace with no rest. It was pretty punishing.

Dumbbell curls: 6 x 8

Preacher curl machine: 5x15

The whole time I was doing the 16 set smolder my fucking brother was trying to fix a virus that had gotten on the gym’s computer that wasn’t even there before HE started playing with it. He kept coming out to the gym to scream at me during my training, little did he know he was about five seconds from getting his grill punched in. If only I could have lifted my arms to actually throw a punch.

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