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6/28/2012 3:58:39 PM -
Meet Recap - June 23rd USPA Central States

For starters, this should not have taken almost a week to get up. I do want to get something posted on the log asap, also have videos but those will have to come later. I am traveling and do not have the camera with me.

The week of the meet
Was absolutely not ideal for what a typical powerlifter would want it to be. But, for me, it was perfect.

I traveled from Tuesday morning until Friday evening. Tuesday was a nice relaxing day for the most part. Landed at noon, grabbed a buffalo burger with a coworker then we headed to the hotel. I was in phoenix this week, and we stayed at one of the coolest hotels I have stayed at, Biltmore Phoenix. We had a proposal to get done so we spent about 4-5 hours working on this in the lobby. After that Dinner and a few cocktails. Wednesday and Thursday were identical. Breakfast, meetings, lunch, meetings, cocktails, dinner, cocktails, sleep. Thursday I probably went too far with the cocktails but I slept well that night. Friday, was a quick day of meetings, quick food, the fly out. I landed at 8pm and drove straight to get weighed in. Got there around 9pm or so and came in a swelt 186 on the dot.

Night Before meet
Since it was a local meet, we had Mick Manley, Matt Gottsch and Mandy Bennet come down and do the meet as well as crash at the house with us. This was awesome. I had a lot of fun spending time with them. They even mowed my lawn, which was an awesome surprise. when I got home, we decided to order a few chicago deep dish pizza's. Then some cold stone, even though I had a tiny bit of it. I didn't do anything out of the norm for this. I drank my usual 20 grams of creatine from dark matter and anaconda through the evening then called it quits around midnight to get some sleep.

One of the coolest things was Shawn Frankl coming down to hang out and help out for this. had not seen him in months so it was nice to have him at the house.

Got there just in time to start warming up.
everything went well during the warm up. I worked on settling my nerves down, relaxing and just trying to have a good time. The lifting felt fine, I felt strong and ready. Once I got to the squat bar and it was time to get rolling the focus came and I got excited about getting on the platform. here is how I treated warm ups

Bar x 10 reps
145 x 3 sets x 5, 4, 3 reps
235 x 1
325 x 1
briefs on
505 x 1
595 x 1
suit on
685 x 1
755 x 1

810 x 1
865ish x *timed out
I was literally taking my breath in when they started flayling around and waving their hands that time ran out. I sort of laughed that they would mandate the clock this aggressively at a local meet, it's fine to have a clock and keep things controlled but really? saving, literally killing an attempt after months of training over the expense of a few seconds? Oh well, not my meet, I'm not the director, lesson learned the hard way.
881 x 1
Went and felt awesome. Could have gone well in the 9's.

bar x 45
135 x 2 x 5 reps
185 x 3
225 x 1
275 x 1
315 x 1
shirt on
455 x 1 x 2 board
495 x 1 x 1 board
515 x 1 x .5 board

535 x ignored the start command so they took. Damn, I was a rebel this day just forgetting all the rules.
535 x 1
555 x missed
*my bench has peaked for me forever I think. i'm a joke at benching.

135 x 5
225 x 1
315 x 1
jack sumo
405 x 1
495 x 1
585 x 1

633is x 1
683 x 1
705 x miss
I thought this should had gone.. 683 was not hard enough to think 705 was too high.

overall, I had a ton of fun at this meet.

The guys from SOS kicked ass, all of them did well. These guys are fucking bad ass teammates. Craig Christopher was dunking squats, Mike Greeno PR'd on all lifts. Sam Bremer PR'd as well, Denny the psycho was back on a roll and Josh wilson returned to the platform succesfully. it was a ton of fun to watch.

thank you's
The training for this meet, was all the genius of Landon Evans. I didn't know what to think of how it was going, all I knew is I was enjoying it, I was feeling better with attempts in training, felt strong through out. I enjoyed having this fall on Landon's shoulders, not because I am lazy, but because I felt comfortable and trusted him better than I could myself with the plans. A big thank you to him.

I need to specifically thank Greeno and Craig for helping get the monolift and jack fixed and to the meet site. This was huge, I left them hanging with my travel and came through for me BIIIIIG!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to shawn frankl for his continued support in this freakin sport. He travels with me, drives for me and I cannot thank him enough for this. He makes me feel comfortable, knows how to handle me and best of all has unlimited experience to pull a trick out of hat when needed.

Lastly, thank you Dave and Tracy Tate have a sick thing going on here. I'm nothing short of beyond appreciative of having me on the sponsorship team and taking me along with them on this ride.

13 weeks to train for the olympia USPA single ply meet. I have a reason to get back down there and do something worth a shit this time. I'm aching to do this single ply thing. I plan to continue training with the help of Landon for this as well. I plan to start sunday this weekend.

Al Caslow

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