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6/29/2012 10:32:49 PM -
Friday ME Bench - Yeah Buddy

Bench barx20, 95x5, 135/185/225x3, 275/315/365x1, put on wrist wraps 405x1, added belt 455/495x1, added press calls 540 3x1
Dead bench 455,500x1
Tate presses 70 2x12, 1x15
Face pulls 50 2x15, 1x20

First off I want to thank Rhodes and Drew for joining me. Rhodes has his meet tomorrow and Drew is starting vacation. I really wanted to train on the bench I will be competing on in a few weeks. It was a drive for all of us, so I'm really grateful for their time. We trained at Iron Horse Gym in New Hartford, CT and I was impressed. Super clean place with great equipment. It's definitely a nice option when our regular place is not available.

On to the important stuff. I am planning on opening 540 so I wanted to warm up like I will at the meet. Damn, it felt like the bar wanted to jump out of my hands. I can't ever remember mid 5's feeling so light. Each rep actually got better as I went. I did my dead bench afterwards along with my assistance, all of which felt good.

All of my heavy a$$ training has paid off. I feel supremely confident. I actually went to the movies to go celebrate. I went to see Ted. It was really funny. I even had popcorn and reeses pieces and that was the extent of this week's cheat meal.

Now I just have to dial in the next two weeks.

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It was a good night,
Vincent Dizenzo

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