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7/2/2012 2:13:10 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Sunday/Moday training and I'm getting help for Jo Jordan.

I’m going to try to contact Jo Jordan’s wife and tell her to take care of that boy’s needs. His ass posts hit an all time low today (or high, depending on how ya look at it) when he posted a picture of a heavily glazed, naked, woman’s ass. His ass fetish is starting to consume him and I'm afraid of what he might do if it goes unchecked any further. No woman's ass will be safe . . . even the fatties.

A little bit of training from the last two days:

Power snatch from the floor- light doubles every minute for one hour (just staying loose and working on speed and technique)

Snatch grip high-pulls: 4x5

Leg extensions: 5x25 (very light)

Front neck lifts: 5x15

Standing abs: 5x10

Flat bench press:
300x3x5 long pause reps

Floor presses with Swiss bar
225+80 in chains 4x5

dumbbell flyes:
80’s x 2 x 10
65’s x 2 x 15

Rolling dumbbell extensions:

Triceps push-ups:
4 x failure

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