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7/3/2012 1:46:33 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Tuesday training

I kicked it with a workout today. Right as I was getting to train I got some possibly bad news that hopefully doesn’t turn out to be too bad. That just took some wind out of my sails and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I just worked on power cleans from the floor since I haven’t done these in a year when I had my knee injury and then some other light stuff. I just wasn’t in the mood to be able to focus on anything heavy.

Power cleans: worked up to 100kgs for 10 doubles.
Front squats: 100kgs x 10 x 3
Glute/ham raises: 4x12
Standing abs: 4x10

But on a more positive note, I am working on an E-book that looks like it’s going to work out. I have tried and scrapped ones in the past but I will finish this one. I already have plans for a follow up one too. And you mofos better buy them, god forbid you learn something! I’m just letting you know so you can all start asking your wives and mommies for the money now.

So the 4th of July is upon us tomorrow. I will be sequestered in the air conditioning all day as usual because it’s going to be hot as a bastard here in Philly. You would think with such freakishly low body fat levels I would be cold all the time but that doesn’t seem to be the case with me. So far I see no advantage to be sliced and diced like a Julian salad other than the fact that women can’t keep their hands off of me. But believe me, even that gets old after a while. I guess I’ll just watch the fireworks on TV, it’ll be just as good.

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