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7/5/2012 2:17:18 PM - Steve Pulcinella
4th of July grill fiasco

My fourth of July started out ok and quickly went into the crapper. I opened the gym and worked from 8:00AM – 2:00PM and the joint was jumping the whole time. It was nice getting out of there early because of a holiday but it’s nearly 100 degrees in Philly this week and that means I don’t venture outdoors much. So I camped out in my chair at home cooling in the AC until it was time to grill this awesome Italian sausage that we had. With my mouth watering I went to start my propane grill and it wouldn’t light, I use this grill almost every night and it always lights right up. I started to panic, it was sparking but wouldn’t ignite, it just wasn’t getting any propane. The tank was almost full but I changed it out for another one and it still wouldn’t work. Now panic turned to anger. I looked on the internet for answers but nothing seemed to do the trick. It’s not old and it is a big expensive grill, I think the regulator is clogged but I’m no Mr Fixit. I thought about seriously picking the whole thing up over my head and just throwing it into my neighbor’s yard because I was so pissed, the fact that I didn’t do that means I’m finally maturing because in my younger days that thing would have went sailing over the fence. I wasn’t pissed so much that it was broke, I was actually mad because I really wanted grilled Italian sausage and I wasn’t about to have any. In my rage I grabbed the first thing I saw to eat and settled for a fucking peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead. I didn’t even want to try to enjoy it, I just wanted to suffer.

So as I sat there stewing over the grill fiasco daytime turned into night time. As soon as the sun set in the west the white trash, hillbilly fireworks displays all started in my neighborhood. My dogs were shitting themselves scared for the next two hours. Even as late as 11:45 and some jackass on my street was still lighting off what sounded like mortar shells in the sky over my house while I was trying to sleep. I’m not ashamed to say that I'm turning into that old man in the neighborhood that calls the cops the minute any fun starts happening.

Today’s training:

Clean and push-press combos- Two high-pulls, one hang-clean and one push-press is one set:
50kgs x 1
135 miss
100 one clean and six push-presses x 3 sets

Superset: upright barbell rows/rear delt raise: 4x10/10

Dumbbell side raises: 4x15

Barbell curls: 12, 12, 8, 8, 6, 6

Dumbbell hammer curls: 4x8

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