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7/9/2012 8:08:00 PM -
Assistance Work

Dead stop chins. 65 reps


After I did 8 sets of 8 last week on regular chins my shoulders needed a break this week. Dead stop chins give my joints that break while still doing chins. I do these on the chin bar in my rack in the basement. Essentially it’s a pull up from a dead start with your feet on the ground. When I reach up and grab the bar my arms are locked with my feet on the ground. I do each pull up from this start. It’s easier on the ground but I can hold the rep at the top for a good squeeze and then do a slow negative. These are great for my shoulders as they take the stress off them in the bottom position. Greta exercise with a meet close. A big pump with minimum wear and tear.

Mini band pull apart

3 hard sets of 50 HOLY BURN!!!!

Reverse Cable curls

3 hard sets of 10

Standing Cable Abs

3 hard sets of 15

Ab Wheel

3 sets of 15


Good basement workout today. My kid turns 4 tomorrow so I can’t hit the regular gym. I love training in the basement with the litter box and the laundry machines going. Its reminds me of being 11 all over again crushing weights to the BLACK Album.

Scott Yard

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