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7/10/2012 1:30:11 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Tuesday training stuff

Bob and I decided to just train gunz today, well I decided it, Bob had very little say in the matter and pretty much goes along with anything I tell him to do.

Fat bar push-downs: 2 warm up sets and then 5 sets of 12-15

Rolling dumbbell extensions: 4 sets heavy, till failure

Two hand overhead dumbbell extensions: 4 sets, moderate weight, till failure

Seated, alternate dumbbell curls: 5 sets, last two sets were drop sets.

Preacher curl machine: 4 sets, last two were drop sets

Reverse curls: light, 3x15

30 minutes on the elliptical (yes, I was doing cardio, I wanted to work up a bit of a sweat)

I have been getting the gym two hours early every morning specifically so I can lock myself in my office and work on this E-book that I’m writing. I’ve been coming in early for two reasons, the first reason is that my mind seems to be way more fertile first thing in the morning before the lack of sleep due to apnea catches up to me and my mind turns to shit. The other reason is in the afternoon I’m running the gym alone and have to stay at the front counter. It’s REALLY hard for me to write at the front counter because of the mind numbingly boring conversations people keep trying to engage me in up here. I’m really not good at small talk and I’m not very good at faking being nice. So everybody has to buy this book so I can hire a full-time day person to relieve me of having to be at the front counter all afternoon.

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