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7/19/2012 1:31:35 PM -
Diet update

Yes, this is a never ending saga with me. It was about a month ago when I posted about how tempted I was by food places all around me while I was driving, and temptations in the grocery store. I'm glad to announce I am winning the battle.

For me, winning the battle is sticking with eating food from home. I am seeing incremental changes in my body while remaining at the same bodyweight. I'd like to get my bf measured, but Brian's calipers are broken. I am trying to get an appt for hydrostatic bf testing at the local university, but I think they seem to be on a break or vacation. Regardless, I am seeing more veins in my arms, a few in my legs, and maybe a hint of a shade of an ab. Well, not really an ab, but when the lighting hits right, it's something. Plus I threw on some jeans yesterday that would normally be tight and they were very comfortable.

I really wanted to hit my 600 raw bench and drop another 15 lbs. I am at that point where I am getting a little vain. I'd like to look better. Well as good as a 270 lb bald man in his 40's can look.

The great thing about solid nutritional programming is that I feel great, am getting in better shape, am strong, and have been recovering from training really well. Looking a little better seems to go hand in hand.

I almost forgot, before and after my meet I never went off my backloading protocol. In the past I would usually give myself a break, but I figured why take a step back. This is definitely progress.

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