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7/19/2012 7:37:47 PM -
Last two sessions.

I'm strapped for time so I'm posting the training as it was sent to me from John Meadows:


One-arm barbell row – Do a few warm ups to get you to a hard 8, and then stick with it for 4 sets. Remember to stretch (reach for the floor), don’t let your torso drop as you stretch, and to keep the side you are working higher (by raising that hip). 4 total work sets.

Goal – Get some blood flowing and pre-pump your lats.

Smith machine rows – Do 1 to 2 feeder sets to get to your working weight. Now do 4 sets of 6 exploding up with the weight. Remember, the way to explode on these is by driving your elbows up hard, not yanking the bar hard with your arms! 4 total work sets.

Goal – Explosiveness!

Dumbell pullovers – Remember to use the laying on the bench style, as opposed to laying across the bench. Also, remember to not force the stretch. Take your time lowering the weight as you want to keep tension on your upper lats and serratus. If you lose the tension you have lowered the dumbell to low. Bring the dumbell to the top of your forehead. Don’t bring it all the way to above chest or you will again lose some lat tension. Do 4 sets of 12. 4 total work sets.

NOTE: As a variation on these, you can try these on a sit up bench raised slightly for a little bit of a decline angle. So get in the apparatus as if you are going to do sit ups, but do a pullover with the same form. It’s a little different angle and stretch.

Goal – Constant tension on your lats.

Dead hang – Attach some weight via a dip belt, use straps, and hang as long as you can from a chin up bar. Relax your arms and feel the stretch in your lats. Tilt your head back for even more stretch. See how long you can make it for! 1 total work set

Goal – Max lat stretch

Banded hyperextensions – Do 3 sets to failure!! I want a crazy pump in your lower back! 3 total work sets.

Goal – Max Spinal erector pump


Biceps - 12 sets / Triceps - 12 sets / Calves – 4 sets / Abs 8 sets

Goal – The strategy for arm training is for maximum pump. Take as many sets as you need to warm up.

Superset #1
Vbar pushdowns – Do as many warm ups as you need. Don’t worry about flexing at the bottom. I want continuous blood pumping tension up and down. Once you are warmed up, do sets of 12. With the vbar, let it ride up a little higher when you are in the eccentric part of the lift. It will give your tri a little more thickness around your elbow (medial head). Don’t get sloppy though, maintain total control.

Superset with

Cable curls – Immediately do these after pushdowns. Flex your arms hard at the top. Don’t let your arms straighten at the bottom. Flex and pump! Do sets of 15 here, I want you arms to be full of blood 5 – 10 minutes into the workout.

Do 4 rounds. Start the next round when you are ready, don’t rush.

Superset #2

Reverse grip EZ bar curl – Do these standing, and bring the weight all the way up and flex, and let your arms straighten out completely at the bottom. This is going to blast your upper forearm (brachioradialis) as well. I expect your lower bis to be filled with blood after these too. Do sets of 12 on these.

Superset with

Cable extensions – These are the one arm extensions you do holding a cable facing away from the machine. Get a nice full range of motion on these too. At the end of every set of 10, pump out 5 partials out of the stretched position (not contracted).

Do 4 rounds. Start the next round when you are ready, don’t rush.

Superset #3
Lying extensions (prefer kettlebells) – Lower slowly and focus on getting a good stretch then kick straight up and right back down. Keep continuous tension, don’t kick the bells up and over your chest, again, straight up and right back down. Do not lockout, but come close. Do sets of 10.

Superset with

Preacher curl – You can use an EZ curl bar or a straight bar. Do not let the bar come all the way down on these. Go down about 2/3 of the way and come up and flex hard for a sec, then right back down. Do sets of 8.

Do 4 rounds. Start the next round when you are ready, don’t rush.

Seated calve raises – Do a few warm up sets to get to a weight that is a challenging 12. Now stay there and do 4 sets of 12 with it. Get a good stretch at the bottom, and get a nice contraction at the top. It won’t take much weight. 4 total work sets.

Supersetted with

Dorsiflexion - After each set of seated calves, I want you to stand up and simply dorsiflex your foot to train anterior tibialis. Do them until your tibialis goes numb. This is usually 30-50 reps the first few sets, and then will go down quite a bit as your calves fill with blood.

Goal – Extreme pump to deliver nutrients and trap growth factors in the muscle. The more blood the better.

Dave Tate

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