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7/21/2012 6:03:03 PM -
USAPL Vision Fitness/Garage Ink Meet Report.

USAPL Vision Fitness/Garage Ink Meet.

So on a Friday night we traveled up to Brogue PA to compete at Niko Huslander’s Vision fitness gym. First Ill start off by saying Nikos gym is awesome. An ELITEFTS belt squat machine is one of the first things you see as you walk into the power lifting side of the gym. Swiss bars, yoke bars, stones, yokes, and everything else in between fill up the multiple racks and implements. This is great atmosphere for strength.

On 6/29 I was 252 and due to start my weight reduction to get to 242 on meet day. As I thought about how to plan for this I was stumped. The meet was to start at 7:15PM. Since I have never done a meet this late I was unsure on how to make my cut and do it effectively. Since this was a small local meet for fun I decided to forgo any cut. Instead I shifted my focus on packing on as much weight as I could before the meet. With my wife 8 months pregnant for our second child, cutting would have been tough. Too many awesomely bad take out dinners and snow ball runs to miss. I weighed 259 meet morning and 262 at weigh ins. 10 lbs in 21 days isn’t bad. Thanks to the dollar menu for that. I needed a break from dieting and wanted to walk into a meet being able to eat my face off the last week instead of grazing like I have the past year. It was a refreshing change of pace.

Knowing my weight was up a good 10 lbs from my heaviest training weight on my test days I was excited to get a boost on my numbers. The only problem was I wasn’t sure by how much. I decided to map out all 9 attempts a week out and get a solid meet in. I didn’t plan for any PRs but I did want to get close.


In the squat I started with my typical mobility and foam rolling. I only do about half of my typical routine for a meet. I figure since I spend so much time walking around and bullshitting I’m warm enough. All training cycle I tested at around 610. I knew without cutting and the extra weight I would be good for 10-20 more. I opened with 550 then hit 610, and finished with 625. In the video below its shot from below while sitting on the floor. Whoever says you can’t see depth from the front is delusional. It felt good to see the video from that angle and see my thigh at the hip dip below my knee from a front video.

Video of 625


I ended up going 425, 470, and 485 in the bench. I went back to using my squat shoes and felt strong today. It was hard to tell where my strength would be without training heavy at the heavier weight. I definitely felt like I could have had a chance at besting my USAPL PR bench of 490.

Video of 485


I decided to give sumo a run this training cycle. My conventional pull has been in the crapper for the past year and I was willing to give sumo a run. I was a little weary come deadlift time. My back was shot from benching and it appeared to be gassed right where my back feels the most strain with sumo. I rolled on the rumble roller did 5 warm ups and it was time for my opener. I ended up going 580 on my opener and it felt descent so I moved to my next planned attempt of 660. This went up but definitely slowed way down. A week out I had planned to go 685 for a third but knew I would flat out miss that tonight. I opted for 675. While I did miss 675, I at least broke it off the floor.

Video of 660 sumo raw.

I ended up going 8 for 9 wich is the best I have done attempt wise in along time. Like I said before I didn’t get a single PR tonight but I had a great time and got some great feedback from this training cycle. Another great USAPL experience for me. Breaking parallel, using a start command, and pulling with a stiff bar are ego killers but worth it. My next meet is in December and will be the North East regional USAPL championships in King of Prussia PA.

Big thanks to Dave and Tracy Tate of ELITFTS. The support goes a long way.

Scott Yard

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