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8/4/2012 12:53:12 PM -
Friday - ME Bench, I learned something tonight

Dynamic warmup
2 board bench w/doubled light bands, comp grip 140/230/280/320x3 370/410/450/500/500x1
Swiss bar incline 305 3x8, 1x6 * medium tempo
Wide grip pullups assisted w/2 light bands 1x10 w/1 light band x5, x3, x2, x1
Flat Tate presses 50 3x15 * medium tempo
Dbl preacher curl 25 3x10

Wow, without looking at my log I bet this is the first full training session I have had in about 4-5 weeks. Between peaking and then doing two comps, it's just been a while since I have completely punished my upper body. Damn, I'm really out of training condition, but I got through. I actually got a bit faint and had to take a knee. I downded a little of my post workout grape juice and felt better. I got a little faint again at the end of the session, my post workout carbs took care of that quickly though.

Alright, so you'll notice some asterisks in my training. I put these in there because Brian has been working with me on RPE and tempo for a while. I kind of gotten it, but the whole thing seemed a little vague until last night. My training really has only one speed - explosion. We worked on tempo during a block phase and it completely screwed up my bench form. So I more or less shied away from it.

So we have introduced a second pressing exercise into ME work. Now all I want to do is to keep pumping weight up. After my first set of three plates on the incline with the swiss bar I wanted to go up. Brian requested I slow the tempo and make the next set harder instead of stacking on more weight. I listened because I know I have added weight in the past and have gassed out quickly.

Doing the second set I had that lightbulb above me head feeling happen. I get it. I can make the weight feel as heavy as I need to. In addition, if I only do this sometimes on assistance and supplementary work, it should not screw with my bench form. If anything, it's going to teach me how to grind weight better which is my weak point.

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Doing the things I don't want to do,
Vincent Dizenzo

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