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8/5/2012 1:03:40 PM -
Saturday - ME Lower with a fresh weak start

Full body foam roll
Light band standing gm's 3x15
SSB free squats 115/155/205/245/295x5 -added belt 335/385x5 -added knee sleeves 425x5
Side steps w/dbls 20 3x15
GHR assisted w/physio ball 3x8
Planks 3x35 seconds

My lower body is weak. I have fooled myelf to think that just because I can squat over 600 w/the ssb using a box for depth or pull over 700 on a trap bar, that I am strong. All this proves is that I am good at two movements. I have stagnated my lower body strength for too long. It's time for a change.

I will be changing exercises each week of my 4 week mesocycle, deload, and then repeat. I will be using 5 rep maxes instead of singles. This will lessen the chance of injury. I must always keep in mind the purpose of my training is to get stronger for the bench.

I can tell I have a lot of weak links in my lower body. My hips and groin are pretty unstable in free squats. I think part of it is that I always used a box for depth when squatting. I usually did not sit on it, but I used it for depth. So when I squatted I anticpated the box. I think I kept tighter as a result. Finding the bottom was a much different feel this week.

I probably had another set in me, but I really need to build up a good one or two complete training cycles before I push it. There is no sense in injuring myself, which I usually do. Like it is often said, getting stronger is more of a marathon than a sprint.

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