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8/7/2012 6:02:32 PM -
Squat / Pull Day with Cardio

Tonight was the first real squat/pull day since the meet. I worked up to the top 333 set but only did the reps prescribed. I’ll do the first full 4 week mini cycle with only reps prescribed. These first three weeks always suck regardless of how good or bad a meet just was.

Warm up

Rumble Roller: Entire back, glutes, and hips

ELITEFTS roller: Thighs and Its.

Lacrosse ball: Feet, delts and scapulas.

Stick: Groin, hams and inner quads.

Mobility Work

8 movements of 8 reps each


135 for 5
225 for 3
315 for 3
405 for 3
455 for 1
505 for 3

Sumo Deadlift

335 for 3
425 for 3
535 for 3

Barbell glute bridges on floor

225 for 3 sets of 8


6 trips of 50 yards

First half of each trip was with poles, and then the second half was done with the low handles.


Again I hate these first few workouts as everything feels like a ton when it’s clearly not. Just a phase of training that happens before another phase. USAPL raw nationals were this weekend. While I’m sad I didn’t go(especially since my wife didn’t go into labor) I’m still feel comfortable with my decision to pass based on the chance of missing the birth of my second kid. It was too big of a chance to risk. I really wish she had that baby though to make the sting go away LOL. I hit the prowler for cardio tonight. I am focusing on getting to 242 now 4 months out as opposed to my usual 45-60 days out. I need to get there ASAP and start building strength from that weight. I want that American record in December. My wife is due in 7 days.

Scott Yard

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