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8/10/2012 3:10:52 PM - Steve Pulcinella
Friday training and whatnot

I was approached by a guy in the gym today with a question. He asked me why he’s not putting on any muscle. This guy has been coming to the gym for about five years. I’ve seen him train a thousand times and he makes it to the gym religiously. But there is only one problem . . . he has not put on any muscle, lost any fat nor has he gotten any stronger. I have to say I see a lot of people in the gym in that same boat and it always fascinates me how they can even accomplish that feat. I mean, you have to be trying pretty fucking hard NOT to put in even the slightest effort to not make one stitch of advancement in a five year period. I have seen complete idiots do half ass workouts and make accidental gains so you would have to be like, 1/8th assing it to make no gains.

But I didn’t tell him that. I simply told him, “You seriously needed to look around the room at what is going on here. You are training in the same room, at the same time as some really good lifters doing some real quality training. Look what they are doing, see how they are training. Does it resemble your workout in any way?”

He answered, “No way, those guys are like animals.”

“Fuckin’ right” I said. “And that’s what you need to become! I see you when you workout, you sit and do a little dumbbell curl, you sit and do a machine press, you sit and do leg extensions. Your whole routine is like jerking off and your dick never getting hard. After a while it’s just wasted energy with no pay off. Why bother?“

At this point I get the confused look from him.

I went on to explain, “Dude, simply put, you need to get on your feet and do something BIG. Squat something, pull some weight off the floor, feel the cold steel in your hands, embrace some pain, dread your next set and then bask in the glory after you destroy it.”

He thought for a few seconds and then finally said, “That actually makes a lot of sense when you put it that way, will you help me?”

The moral of this story is, I can compare a guys training to jerking off with a limp dick and still lock him down as a training client. It’s quite a sales pitch I’ve developed eh?

Friday training:

Deficit deadlifts: 370lbs with heavy band tension: 8 sets of 5

Chest supported row: heavy with light band tension: 4 sets till failure

Close grip pull-downs: 4 sets of 12

Dumbbell pull-overs: 3 sets till failure

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