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8/11/2012 10:42:05 AM -
Wednesday - Giants training camp, Rhodes and I almost suited up

Went and spent the day with Rhodes. He's working at U of Albany now with the stength and conditioning program. Gotta say, it's a perfect fit for him. Ahtletes want to listen and he has a lot to offer. All of the coaches and staff he works with seemed really cool. I look forward to going up and training there one day for kicks.

The visit also took place during Giants training camp. Now, I cannot say I am a true Giants fan, they are a bit of an adopted team. I am a Cowboys fan. I know what you are all thinking, how can a person be a Cowboys and Giants fan. Well, my brother was a big fan of the Giants. After he passed, I found myself rooting for them. It's just how it is now.

Anyway, my father in law's brother is really close with the Mara's who own the Giants. When he heard I was going he wanted to hook me up. It was very nice of them to score me a VIP pass. Rhodes actually had the same passes for us. We all know Rhodes is serious VIP material. Well Rhodes, Brian, his son Ryder, and I start walking past the friends and family VIP bleachers. It looked a little tight, so we chose to pass. We get close to the ten yard line and you are not supposed to go past there. Rhodes works his magic and next thing you know we are standing behind the end zone by ourselves.

After a short stint there, some various Giants staff are speaking to us. A guy with some pretty good clout says "You must bench a lot." Music to my ears. So we chatted it up for a bit. Rhodes is talking to someone else. Next thing you know we are hooked up with some sweet green passes. These are all access types of passes. We never read them, we just figured we could go where we wanted. So we check out some individual drills. Then next thing you know we are standing between the offense and defense fields.

So we are just hanging out, talking, and watching practice. After a bit Rhodes has to take off to do his work thing. Brian, his son, and I decide to hang out longer. Brian's son keeps getting a yard or two onto the field taking picks. I think at some point in the day I offered to start his college fund with a few hundred if he'd go kick a player in the junk. Luckily, he did not take me up on it. So after we'd been hanging there the better part of an hour, the gentleman with some clout comes over and quietly says "He big guy, you are not supposed to be here. Only players and Giants staff are allowed here." I said "No problem" of course. So we started making our way to where the lowly VIP's were sitting. With only a half an hour left to camp, we decided that just wasn't cool enough anymore, so we went to watch Rhodes do his thing for a while.

I texted my father in law and told him thanks for the effort, but we moved on up like the Jefferson's. He told me he'd have his brother tell the Mara's to text me if "they" needed to get hooked up in the future. Act as if right. I told my wife and she laughed her butt off. I think she imagined me on the 50 yard line, that was not the case. She just chalked it up to me having no situational awareness and not giving a "f." Seek forgiveness, not permission I say.

Good times!

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