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8/15/2012 10:03:45 PM -
Monday - DE bench

Foam roll upper and lower
Dynamic warmup
DE bench w/3 grips 290 w/dbld micro 3x3, 290 w/dbld mini 3x3, 290 w/dbld micro & mini 3x3
Chains suspended close grip w/legs up 315 2x5, 1x7
SS 3x10 T-bar row 135, seated dbl hang clean 15, blast strap curls

Finding my groove with DE bench again. Although my upper back was still pretty beat up from trap bar deadlifts from Saturday. The chain suspended work was different than any I have ever done. The chain set up was pretty low. I could certainly use the lockout work, so I didn't change it. Also, I decided to keep my legs up. I wanted to practice on grinding versus exploding.

I was pretty dead after the first two exercises so I decided to superset the rest of the work. My diet and hydration has been a bit off. I think it has effected my mood and my lifting. I put everything together again for this one, but I have to get my body back to running in peak condition.

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