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8/25/2012 1:59:04 PM -
Training for this week


Deficit dl (3inches) to a heavy 3 (in 10 minutes)= 535x3; 585x3
pause squats= 4 sets of 6 at 225 in 10min

WOD in 14:21
for time:

situps: 50/40/30/20/10
jumprope: 150/120/90/60/30

I got so freaking sore from this this! whole body hurt for days! abs and back esp.

Crossfit gym is changing up its programming for now. Shifting from Outlaw to New England. NE is more of a periodized routine for the sport of crossfit. Its in a strength bias phase right now


Quick but brutal gargae workout

WOD: 4 rounds in 20:05 of...

150 meter run down driveway and back up- steep incline about 60 meters long)
10 pullups
20 pushups on parraletes (to stretch out chest real good
30 woodchoppers with a 15lb med ball

These things really dont look too bad on paper, but dam are they rough!!


40 minute treadmill walk at 3.0 incline 3.6 speed

15 minutes stretching and warmup
rounds of:
banded external rotation stretch
1-legged sldl
bw squats

5 rounds in 21:45 of:

power snatches- 95x10reps
walking lunges- 20 steps
plyo pushup into pike

Stretch external rotation again by hanging from bar w/ supinated grip

Notes: I paced myself fairly well on the WOD this time. I wanted more volume and am trying to learn to pace myself rather than blow my load by pushing too hard early on and not being able to finish. Trying to increase my endurance by keeping heart rate down from a max and maintaining it longer.

Plyo pushups were brutal after 3rd round. I saw these on the Insanity home workout promo this morning and they looked challenging- i was not disappointed. basically tou start in the pushup down position so ur body looks like this ( -- ) then do a plyo hand release pushup so u push back and touch your toes so you look like this ( ^ ), then drop back down to pushup bottom position. Tris and shoulders are smoked.

Took some measurements last night out of curiosity. I havent done any curls or tricep press downs or any other direct arm work since my bodybuilding show back in October. Result? My flexed arm is still 19"; holding at biggest its ever been. Also chest still 52", calves 18" thighs around top at 28" and neck 18.5". All still holding at same size and weight back down to 229.

To be honest, im a big amazed i havent seemed to lose any size or strength with the crossfitting, bodyweight stuff, overall reduced workload. My lifts are not at their peak, obviously, but its a peak for a reason- its not a level i can maintain year round. My baseline is holding much higher than it has in the past when not in comp mode so im optimistic that when i decide to turn it on again ill have some big PRs in store.

Sam Byrd

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